Award winning design

The striking beauty of the geometry and the pure genius of the IQlight® design fascinate the eye and have proven to be contemporary in any design era.

In 2005 the IQlight Lighting System™ was awarded the Interior Innovation Award for its innovative and original design, at the IMM furniture fair in Cologne, Germany.

The IQlight® packaging, also designed by Holger Strøm, won the Danish Design Award in 2001. On the 26th of October, Holger Strøm received the award for his design of the IQlight® packaging. The award was presented by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik.

The new packaging was designed by Holger Strøm for a relaunch of IQlight®. The awards jury agreed that the IQlight® packaging was highly original and in keeping with the overall concept of IQlight®.

The concept:
  • Staged unwrapping - the contents are gradually revealed
  • Masking the contents - a customer will not buy IQlight® without first learning about the lamp in the shop
  • Storage - the packing can be reused as storage for unused modules and accessories

The packing consists of:
  • Inside - the cover is made from 250 gr. Ensocoat with an outward mat UV-varnish and a closing mechanism introducing the concept of assembling the lamps while keeping the 30 modules in place
  • Outside - the economically constructed container is made from 330 gr. Ensocoat with an outward mat UV-varnish and a pocket folded - not glued - onto the container
  • Sealing - the self-adhesive label seals the packing and identifies the IQlight® kit, 30 modules

The contents of the IQlight® package:
  • A manual with thorough instructions in English/Danish, English/German, English/French, English/Spanish, English/Italian
  • A poster showing 22 different lamps assembled with the original standard IQ 100
  • A sheet with 30 miniature modules perfect for practicing
  • 30 modules of either one of the 6 sizes, ready to be assembled

Holger Strøm, creator of the IQlight® system, has designed packaging since 1965.


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